Truth, Authenticity & Love… Again…

Two days in a row, my meditation practice focused on truth, authenticity and living through love. The mantra I used with my mala beads was “I speak from the heart.” Sometimes after journaling my thoughts and prayers I’ll come up with a mantra based on themes I pull from what I write. Sometimes, I’ll use oracle cards for inspiration and guidance. I believe there is loving guidance to be gained from oracle cards and that they can help reveal our own deep inner guidance and allow us to open clear pathways to our intuition. 

Truth, authenticity and love are awesome meditation focuses on any day. What was special about this yesterday was the circumstances it was revealed to me. Two days ago I pulled the Talking Stick card from Denise Linn’s Native Spirit oracle deck. Talking Stick, in a nutshell means speak your truth. This is something I have been working on. I find the more I make myself vulnerable, the more I heal and embrace who I am. 

Yesterday, I once again decided to pull from the Native Spirit deck. I have two decks (the other is Doreen Virtue’s Archangel Michael deck) and I always allow my inner guidance to guide me towards which deck to use. 

Once I was guided to pull from the Native Spirit deck, I lit sage in my abalone shell and asked Spirit for divine guidance for my day. When I knew it was time to stop shuffling (sometimes I get a tingling sensation and others I physically just stop. At other times, cards will fall out of the deck at me) I placed the deck in front of me. 

As I went to turn the top card over, I knew it was Talking Stick. This was not one of those concious thoughts about what if it’s the same as such and such, or I’d really like this card today. This was an intuitive hit. An internal knowing. I smiled, thankful for the card and its message. It was at that time I knew I needed to share this story. I knew it was part of my truth to share my ability to know things through intuition and inner guidance. This is a truth that has always frightened me to share. And here I am. Sharing it. I don’t always have such clear instincts or knowing, they tend to be stronger and clearer during the full moons. 

If you too have personal experiences that feel difficult to share, I encourage you to share them. Release the fear of what people might think and think about all the people you have the ability to connect with through shared experiences. You may inspire someone. Most of all, you will inspire yourself. 


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