Live the Life You Want



My passion for gemstones, energy and meditation fueled the design and creation of my mala beads and meditation jewelry. The inspiration for these designs and teachings are from my own life and experiences. One cannot thrive without the practice and exploration of another. Ultimately my goal in teaching people about mantra meditation and journaling is to help them feel at ease, care for themselves and others in a compassionate way, and give themselves the opportunity to live the life they want as they let go of stress, anxiety and self doubt.

Live the life you want. That means letting go of fears, setting intentions and going after what you want. It means being mindful as you do it. How do you work towards future goals AND be present? It is so tough. It’s a balance you have to work at everyday. It’s a balance I strive towards everyday. By living the life you want, you encourage others to do the same. It is an incredible act of self-love. Empower yourself and others. Live the life you want.


In my own life, cultivating these ideas, sharing my experiences, it is more about letting go than holding on. It’s about being humble, honest and authentic. These are the things I have to offer the world. I hope they serve you and bring inspiration.

If these ideas resonate with you, please consider liking my Facebook page, Julie Love Light, and joining my group, Love Light Tribe. Connect with like-minded people, make friendships and feel supported as you live the life you want.

Live the life you want.

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