Live Simply

Live Simply

I feel so centered and grounded after my mantra meditation. My voice is warmer and soothing. I’m less reactive. I feel calm. Capable. Strong and soft. When I feel myself shifting out of this space, I am more easily able to identify what’s causing the shift and shift back.

I could breathe deeply for the first time today since Sunday. I have been sick with a respiratory infection, head cold and body aches. It’s so amazing to return to your breath. It made me long to do yoga but I don’t think I’m ready yet. When breathing deeply feels like a feat, but all the other symptoms are still there, it’s just time to rejoice about reconnecting with my breath and feeling centered.

Over the last several weeks as my work has become a frenzied hustle, I am returning to a place I know very well but have been missing lately. I am returning to myself. I am going to be in the moment more. I am going to reduce my workload (an enormous self-created workload that will ultimately lead to burnout). I am going to do the things I need to, the select things I was to, and leave time and space for spontaneity. I call this: Living simply. I don’t want to live a frenzied life with so much hustle that I don’t eat, sleep or get to play. I will work hard. That ethic is in my blood. But I will also breathe. Be in the moment. Notice things. I will be able to step away from my work and know that each day I put in an effort towards it, I am successful.


The Blue Labradorite & Dumortierite Mala is currently on consignment at White Sage Boutique NH in Pittsfield, NH.

When I think, “live simply,” it brings me back to the time I was studying to be an LNA. I was studying every day, working hard in clinicals, I was prepared and organized in almost all aspects of my life, my house was clean, I spent time with family, I had my daily journaling and meditation practice. In retrospect, this was a very stressful time of transition, but the way I approached it with ease, focusing on what was most important to me, and not forcing anything is why it was a time of living simply. I chose to dismiss stress and hustle, and instead cultivated feelings of feeling grounded, calm and happy. I was so self-aware during that time that I knew what to focus on to make myself feel relaxed, happy and capable. I miss that. I am ready to return to it. I’m ready to live simply. Are you?


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