This Journey I Am On

I’ve always danced to the rhythm of my own drum.

I feel the ebb and flow of the moon like the pulse of my own heart.

This journey I am on, to explore and express myself, is about experiencing the unknown, being open to the unexplainable, and taking risks to see if they fit me.

I don’t have to keep everything I try on. Usually I can tell if it resonates by the inner warmth and glow it creates. I don’t mind taking time to see if the embers ignite.

This journey is about breaking down walls and creating gardens where my heart’s yearnings grow.


Live Simply

Live Simply

I feel so centered and grounded after my mantra meditation. My voice is warmer and soothing. I’m less reactive. I feel calm. Capable. Strong and soft. When I feel myself shifting out of this space, I am more easily able to identify what’s causing the shift and shift back.

I could breathe deeply for the first time today since Sunday. I have been sick with a respiratory infection, head cold and body aches. It’s so amazing to return to your breath. It made me long to do yoga but I don’t think I’m ready yet. When breathing deeply feels like a feat, but all the other symptoms are still there, it’s just time to rejoice about reconnecting with my breath and feeling centered.

Over the last several weeks as my work has become a frenzied hustle, I am returning to a place I know very well but have been missing lately. I am returning to myself. I am going to be in the moment more. I am going to reduce my workload (an enormous self-created workload that will ultimately lead to burnout). I am going to do the things I need to, the select things I was to, and leave time and space for spontaneity. I call this: Living simply. I don’t want to live a frenzied life with so much hustle that I don’t eat, sleep or get to play. I will work hard. That ethic is in my blood. But I will also breathe. Be in the moment. Notice things. I will be able to step away from my work and know that each day I put in an effort towards it, I am successful.


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When I think, “live simply,” it brings me back to the time I was studying to be an LNA. I was studying every day, working hard in clinicals, I was prepared and organized in almost all aspects of my life, my house was clean, I spent time with family, I had my daily journaling and meditation practice. In retrospect, this was a very stressful time of transition, but the way I approached it with ease, focusing on what was most important to me, and not forcing anything is why it was a time of living simply. I chose to dismiss stress and hustle, and instead cultivated feelings of feeling grounded, calm and happy. I was so self-aware during that time that I knew what to focus on to make myself feel relaxed, happy and capable. I miss that. I am ready to return to it. I’m ready to live simply. Are you?

Too much hustle, not enough flow?

Is there too much hustle and not enough flow in your life? Think about what it feels like to be in your own power, centered and in the flow. If you’re feeling detached from that place, follow up on your self-care plan to get grounded.

For me, that’s often #coffeepraymeditate. I sit with my coffee, journal and then meditate first thing in the morning.

Wishing you a wonderful day ✨

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Live the Life You Want



My passion for gemstones, energy and meditation fueled the design and creation of my mala beads and meditation jewelry. The inspiration for these designs and teachings are from my own life and experiences. One cannot thrive without the practice and exploration of another. Ultimately my goal in teaching people about mantra meditation and journaling is to help them feel at ease, care for themselves and others in a compassionate way, and give themselves the opportunity to live the life they want as they let go of stress, anxiety and self doubt.

Live the life you want. That means letting go of fears, setting intentions and going after what you want. It means being mindful as you do it. How do you work towards future goals AND be present? It is so tough. It’s a balance you have to work at everyday. It’s a balance I strive towards everyday. By living the life you want, you encourage others to do the same. It is an incredible act of self-love. Empower yourself and others. Live the life you want.


In my own life, cultivating these ideas, sharing my experiences, it is more about letting go than holding on. It’s about being humble, honest and authentic. These are the things I have to offer the world. I hope they serve you and bring inspiration.

If these ideas resonate with you, please consider liking my Facebook page, Julie Love Light, and joining my group, Love Light Tribe. Connect with like-minded people, make friendships and feel supported as you live the life you want.

Live the life you want.

Passions of Nature & Reading

There are many interests, skills and activities I want to expose my daughter, Ala, to so that she can experience a broad range of interests and find what she likes. I hope to instill a passion for reading and nature to Ala.

Our cousin, Ryan, took this photo of us.

A passion for reading can lead her to a lifetime of learning and exploration. A passion for nature, it’s environment and all its inhabitants will help give her knowledge, understanding and compassion. Ala is almost three and we’re starting to have a lot of fun with reading and nature in new and exciting ways. She is learning and making connections—we’re talking about experiences! She takes after me and is a natural at outdoor fun. We started reading together when she was in infant. Right now, we’re getting back in the habit of reading before bedtime.

Last night we read half of the Wellie Wishers book, The Muddily Puddily Show. I am so in love with the characters and their friendships—more than Ala is right now! Haha! But she loves the bright pictures and story excitement. I plan to get more of the Wellie Wishers books.

When I was a kid, I thought the American Girl books were awesome. I will never forget Molly McIntire and that her birthday is Earth Day. I always thought that was so cool. I like what the American Girl books represent for girls. The characters are ambitious, independent, creative, loving, friendly, and smart—along with many other amazing attributes young girls should be exposed to!

As autumn continues to move into full swing, I’ve got my mind on how to keep Ala happy, warm and engaged with outdoor activities during the winter, and finding ways to have fun and learn when we spend time indoors while warming up from the cold. 

What types of things do you hope your child will be passionate about? Do you have any special activities you do in the winter? What are your child’s favorite books? I would love to hear your suggestions and ideas! Let me know in the comments below.   

Truth, Authenticity & Love… Again…

Two days in a row, my meditation practice focused on truth, authenticity and living through love. The mantra I used with my mala beads was “I speak from the heart.” Sometimes after journaling my thoughts and prayers I’ll come up with a mantra based on themes I pull from what I write. Sometimes, I’ll use oracle cards for inspiration and guidance. I believe there is loving guidance to be gained from oracle cards and that they can help reveal our own deep inner guidance and allow us to open clear pathways to our intuition. 

Truth, authenticity and love are awesome meditation focuses on any day. What was special about this yesterday was the circumstances it was revealed to me. Two days ago I pulled the Talking Stick card from Denise Linn’s Native Spirit oracle deck. Talking Stick, in a nutshell means speak your truth. This is something I have been working on. I find the more I make myself vulnerable, the more I heal and embrace who I am. 

Yesterday, I once again decided to pull from the Native Spirit deck. I have two decks (the other is Doreen Virtue’s Archangel Michael deck) and I always allow my inner guidance to guide me towards which deck to use. 

Once I was guided to pull from the Native Spirit deck, I lit sage in my abalone shell and asked Spirit for divine guidance for my day. When I knew it was time to stop shuffling (sometimes I get a tingling sensation and others I physically just stop. At other times, cards will fall out of the deck at me) I placed the deck in front of me. 

As I went to turn the top card over, I knew it was Talking Stick. This was not one of those concious thoughts about what if it’s the same as such and such, or I’d really like this card today. This was an intuitive hit. An internal knowing. I smiled, thankful for the card and its message. It was at that time I knew I needed to share this story. I knew it was part of my truth to share my ability to know things through intuition and inner guidance. This is a truth that has always frightened me to share. And here I am. Sharing it. I don’t always have such clear instincts or knowing, they tend to be stronger and clearer during the full moons. 

If you too have personal experiences that feel difficult to share, I encourage you to share them. Release the fear of what people might think and think about all the people you have the ability to connect with through shared experiences. You may inspire someone. Most of all, you will inspire yourself. 

Our First Blog/Vlog Adventure

My daughter Ala and I went on a nature walk on the trails at NHTI yesterday. It was beautiful. Here are a few vlogs and photos of our afternoon. 

I have a lot more photos on my Nikon, but sometimes mama duties call and you have to make do with what you have at your finger tips. Always going with the flow 😜

This video is from the beginning of our walk.

Our First Vlog Moment

And this video is from the middle of our hike. 

Along the Trail